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Our Story

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Our Founder

Tamalpais Outrigger Canoe Club (TOCC) was formed in 1993 by Susan "Susea" Grant (1958 - 2016) with support from a former teammate Daphne Hougard. Susea's vision of starting TOCC came after relocating to the Bay Area from Southern California, where she paddled and raced with Marina del Rey Outrigger Canoe Club for 23 years. It was there, under the guidance of coaches Steven Kekuewa and Sandy Kahanamoku (nephew of the famous Duke Kahanamoku), that Susea was fortunate enough to race in the first women's Molokai-to-Oahu channel race, also referred to as the Na Wahine O' Ke Kai (The Women of the Sea).


The natural beauty of the Marin County inspired Susea to name the club after Mt. Tamalpais, the famous Bay Area mountain whose name is derived from a Native American myth "the sleeping maiden". The club's colors also reflect the beauty of the area: forest green and sky blue.  


TOCC is a member of the NCOCA and a 501 (c) (7) club.

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Canoe Names

Canoes are born, they are not made. Choosing the name of a canoe is as important as choosing the name for a child.  The names of our canoe reference our environment, the legend of Tamalpais and the many languages spoken throughout Polynesia. 

Kula ‘Anela (Hawaiian) Golden Angel 

Tamahine Moe Moe’a (Tahitian) Dreaming Maiden

Pomaika’i (Hawaiian) Blessed, Fortunate, Lucky

James Hamilton a founding member of Tamalpais

Adi Kula (Fijian) Woman of Royal Distinction

Ho’olele (Hawaiian) Make Her Fly



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In keeping with Hawaiian tradition, we begin every season with a Pule (blessing) Ceremony, where  we bless our canoes, the members of our Ohana (family) and our paddles. We share our mana (energy) with the canoes and ask that they guide us safely on all of our journeys in the sea.

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polynesian voyaging society

Our Polynesian Ohana

Throughout Tamalpais' history, the club has always remained close to its Polynesian roots, and  has played a key role in welcoming several Polynesian Voyaging Canoes to San Francisco as they voyage around the globe. These have included:


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TOCC Board of Directors

President:  Jackson Bulter 

Vice President: Dinna Davis

Treasurer: Kate Andersen

Sargent at Arms: Diver Dave Gissendaner

Secretary:  Mimi Towle

Race Coordinator: Hilary Baldi

TOCC Coaches

Head Coach:

Kimo Garrigan


Assistant Coaches:

Hilary Baldi, Ken Pacada, Matt Cornfoot,

Richard Gibbon, Dave “Diver” Gissendaner,

Pat Koren, & Les Scanlan

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