Kula 'Anela people pile!

Kula 'Anela people pile!

Join Us Ho'olu komo la kaua

Interested in joining TOCC?  Safety is the #1 priority for having fun while outrigger canoe paddling.  The waiver outlines all safety measures that help protect all of us on water and on land.  Please ensure to read, sign & submit both our association and our club waivers!  Both waivers are REQUIRED prior to paddling in a canoe!  No negotiating.  

 NCOCA online waiver (click here)

TOCC online waiver (click here)

Recreation Season:  October - february

Interested in trying outrigger canoe paddling?  To RSVP, email us tocc.membership@gmail.com. See our 'Events' Page and facebook for dates.  Arrive by 8:00am to get sized on a paddle, get a safety briefing and paddle stroke overview.  Before you arrive, please complete BOTH online waivers (see links above).  For safety reasons, you should be comfortable swimming or treading water in the Bay.  PFD (personal flotation device) are required for those who do not know how to swim.  If you do not own one, one will be provided for you.  See below for what to wear & bring.  

Racing Season:  March - September

TOCC's competitive race season is from March through September.  If you're new to outrigger canoe paddling, we encourage you to check us out during our recreation season.  Recreational paddling schedules are determined by our club board & coaching staff and are subject to change based on weather or participation count for the day.  

TOCC Paddler FAQ's

  • How much? $0 new paddlers 1st paddle / $10 drop-in / $275 for new members incl. 1 (one) TOCC race jersey / $250 returning members.

  • When do we paddle? Recreational paddling happens between October through February. Check our Facebook Page for days & times. Once our racing season starts, club members practice three times a week (Tuesday - Thursday - Sunday).

  • What time is practice?

    • Novice: Thursday - arrive by 6:00pm, on the water by 6:15pm; Sunday - arrive by 8:15am, on the water by 8:30am

      • First Timers: Come on Sunday and arrive by 8:00am

    • Open: Tuesday & Thursday - arrive by 6:00pm, on the water by 6:15pm; Saturday - arrive by 8:15am, on the water by 8:30am

    • Practices run between two - three+ hours in length. Please manage your time accordingly before & after practice.

    • Only Coaches determine & manage practice schedules for Tamalpais OCC.

  • Kuleana & Kokua - It's everyone's kuleana (responsibility) to kokua (help) when it comes to outrigger canoe paddling. When you arrive, come "ready to paddle" and head to the canoes. Connect with your fellow paddlers while preparing canoes before our journey and breaking down canoes afterwards. It's what a paddling ohana (family) does.

  • What to wear? Water-wicking clothes recommended (rashguards, neoprene or board shorts), dive or water shoes, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, paddling or biking gloves (optional)...it's always good to wear layers in the Bay Area. Refrain from cotton clothing which will soak up water instead of repel water.

  • What to bring? Paddle, bottled water, small snack (energy bar), towel, change of clothes and your positive energy! No paddling experience necessary. You should be comfortable to swim or tread water for at least three to five minutes in case of a huli (flip).

  • Safety - Remember, this is a water sport and we give high respect to Mother Nature. Winds, waves, tides, currents can take even the best of us at times. Understanding what to do in case of an incident with your crew is pivotal to everyone's safety. Everyone is accountable when it comes to safety. For you and your crew. PFD (personal flotation device) are required for those who do not know how to swim. If you do not own one, one will be provided for you. Please consult with the coaching staff should you have any questions.

  • Still have a questions? Email us at tocc.membership@gmail.com